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Established in South Korea since 1975 and is expanding. Inus at its core, truly believes that your space is the starting place that should be the most comfortable, relaxing, and pleasant space at home. We are committed to creating a beautiful and functional space that adds special value to your home by using the top specialists and high-grade technologies to enhance every single moment of your everyday life-at-home activities.

Inus is a manufacturing & distribution company with the mission to giving everyone the pleasant experience of space, within their repetitive daily lives. At Inus, we make it possible to re-energize and revitalize the world through the experience of... "Pleasant Living"

  • Passed the strict quality test in the US, JP, AU and EU

  • Over 30 years of research & development

  • Top bidet manufacture in Korea

  • Exports to over 60 countries

  • Reputable leaders in the global market

  • 7 factories in Korea & Vietnam

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Our Technology

  • 1. Nano Silver Technology

    Inus aims to provide a 100% sterile bidet, utilizing "Nano Silver Technology'' which is a cutting-edge technology that ensures hygiene by coating the nozzle and water tank with broken down particles of silver, preventing contamination of bacteria or other pathogens.

  • 2. Ultrasonic Bibration Welding Technolog

    Our bidets are produced with ultrasonic vibration welding technology, making our water tanks and seats resistant to dampness, hygienic and extra durable.

  • 3. Air Bubble Stream

    Inus optimizes the cleaning power of the bidet by incorporating air bubbles into the water stream, instead of ultimately increasing the pressure of the stream like other companies, which often results in unpleasant and ineffective experiences.

  • 4. Various Features For Control

    Our sophisticated yet adaptable design and our high-tech features such as our automated seating sensor and odor removal filter provides a "pleasant living experience."

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