Since 1975, Inus believed that your bathroom should be comfortable, relaxing, and pleasant. Established in Korea, Inus pioneered bidet technology and prioritized hygiene, comfort, and functionality.

Inus is committed to creating beautiful and functional products that add special value to your home by using the top specialists and high-grade technologies to enhance every moment of your daily life.

As a leading bidet manufacturer, we are commited to providing safe and functional products. Our factories surpassed high quality management standards and achieved ISO 9001:2015 certifications.

Along with our manufacturing achievements, we provide excellent customer service and are able to assist with all questions, needs, or concerns. Please reach us at

  • Passed the strict quality test in the US, JP, AU and EU

  • Over 30 years of research & development

  • Top bidet manufacturer in Korea

  • Exports to over 60 countries

  • Reputable leaders in the global market

  • 7 factories in Korea & Vietnam

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Our Technology

  • 1. Nano Silver Technology

    Inus provides a 100% sterile bidet, utilizing Nano Silver Technology, Inus bidets ensure hygiene by coating the nozzle and water tank with broken down particles of silver, preventing contamination of bacteria or other pathogens.

  • 2. Ultrasonic Vibration Welding Technology

    With this manufacturing process, our water tanks and seats are resistant to dampness, hygienic and extra durable.

  • 3. Instant Adjustable Water Temperature

    On traditional bidets, a water tank holds hot water until use and needs to refill. Inus bidets feature instant and endless hot water by using a heated coil that is instantly adjustable.

  • 4. Various Features For Control

    Inus bidets feature a variety of adjustability to prioritize personalization. From adjustable water temperature, seat temperature, nozzle position, dryer temperature, and more.

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